Topping Scales at 253 lbs on Surgery Date to 10 years Later holding strong at 130.

by Manda Hall
(San Diego, California)

It's was 10 years ago as of August 4th 2004, that a major life changing decision was carried out! I underwent Gastric Bypass Surgery (RNY) on surgery day I weighed 253 lbs and my life was in jeopardy of not living to see my children (13 and 11 at the time) graduate high school, I had high blood pressure, beginning stage 2 diabetes, and cirrhosis of the liver (and was not ever a drinker). I had one hiccup 1 month post op with extremely low potassium, but managed to get that stabilized and with occasional dumping episodes, I have been blessed with no additional complications. I still currently battle with high blood pressure even though I have been at my weight for 8+ years. I have had to cosmetic surgeries, I have had a full breast reconstruction and a full tummy tuck. I have adhered to the things that told me not to eat or drink, and take my supplements daily. I have been determined to not go back to that VERY UNHAPPY woman.

Although I had lost the weight, put things back where they belonged, when I looked in the mirror I still saw that 253lb woman staring back at me. A couple of years ago I asked God what now, what is my purpose, I was a woman who believed but didn't live my life in faith. He revealed to me that I needed to face my fears and accept myself, I battled back and forth with the calling for a year or so but I was still taking action by creating my blog Dress With Purpose. Today my blog is going strong and my heart and passion is to show women who are staring in the mirror beating themselves up that we need to take our eyes off ourselves and look through the eyes of of God at the beautiful and unique women He created us to be no matter what our weight!!!I thank God everyday that He revealed to me this amazing and beautiful woman who was buried. I am still not quite sure how I was able to manage the weight loss without relying on God, but after last year I know that He was always working in the background because He knew the purpose and plan He created for me. Now I can celebrate this fantastic accomplishment knowing it was all in His plan and purpose for me!!

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Jan 28, 2015
Thanks for sharing!
by: Linda

Wow You look great and it sounds like after 10 years you are still going strong. Continued success to you and your blog. When people like you share their gastric bypass journey it helps everyone else out there either considering weight loss surgery or those that who have already had it and need guidance. Thanks so much.

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