Protein and Protein Supplements
after Gastric Bypass

Protein and Protein Supplements after Gastric Bypass, along with your vitamins are an essential component to all phases of your diet.
Like vitamins, your body may have a difficult time getting an adequate amount of protein daily.                                                                                                            You need a minimum of 60 grams of protein a day. 

Protein is the nutrient responsible for the maintenance of all of the tissues in your body! This includes muscle, bone, organs, skin and even hair. It also helps the body function properly and is very important in the healing process. 


Protein and protein supplements after gastric bypass surgery are a good way to begin your meal. The protein portion should be eaten first and you should eat as much of it as you can.  This insures that you get protein in before you get too full.

As soon as your doctor allows........Milk, lactose free milk or soy milk is a good way to get protein in the early phase of your diet. 

Milk a natural source of protein and protein supplements like Isopure and Protein Plus Powder  combine for an added protein punch.   1 cup of fat free milk (8 grams of protein ) plus 1 scoop of protein pus powder (15 grams of protein) give a total of 23 grams of protein.

In the next phase , soft phase, work on getting adequate protein with yogurt a natural protein and protein supplements added for that extra protein punch.  Also include high protein foods like cottage cheese, eggs, and pureed meats.

As your gastric bypass diet progresses and you are able to eat more and a wider variety of foods you will be able to eat more natural proteins and rely less on protein supplements. 

Your best sources of protein  are lean beef, poultry, fish, milk, cheese and eggs. 

It is best to prepare foods without adding extra fat. Bake, grill, poach or broil. . Also choose low fat or fat free products when possible. 


On a personal note.....

Concerning Protein and Protein supplements after my gastric bypass. 

Like most people I tried several different protein supplements. 

Here are the ones I found tasted the best to me and I tolerated taking them well. 

Pure Protein Shake ( can with 35 grams of protein)  

Favorite flavor .... Cookies n  Cream

Nestle  no sugar added  Carnation Instant Breakfast ( 1 packet 5 grams of protein)

Favorite flavor ....... Vanilla

Bolthouse Farms  Protein Plus  (16 grams of protein per serving)

Favorite flavor...... Chocolate

I have to say I really like this product.  Each 32 oz. bottle contains 64 grams of protein and 21 vitamins and minerals. The power of protein plus is the two different kinds of protein. Whey and Soy. Whey protein is absorbed quickly to satisfy immediate nutritional needs while soy protein absorbs at a slower rate for sustained benefits.  

I have this high protein chocolate drink in a cup warmed in the microwave everyday.  It's like my coffee. I'm not a coffee drinker but every morning I want this hot chocolate just like a coffee drinker wants their coffee. It really tastes good.  A nice rich chocolate flavor.  Sometimes I add about a 1/4 of a cup of Bolthouse Farms Vanilla flavor to the chocolate. I like the vanilla too. and by adding it to the chocolate before warming it in the microwave it comes out tasting like hot chocolate with melted marshmallows. Yummy!  Besides the great taste  I  also  feel like I'm doing something good for myself because of the added benefit of the vitamins and minerals . There are several other high protein flavors you can try.  Bolthouse Farms Protein Plus can be found in the produce cooler section in most grocery stores.


One more added comment about protein. 

I like egg drop soup and that is something I ate fairly early on in my gastric bypass diet.  And it has quite a bit of protein while being something easy to digest. A small bowl contains 8 grams of protein. I'll include a recipe on the Recipe  page which I am currently working on. 


Protein and protein supplements after gastric bypass surgery are an important part of your diet for the rest of your life.  It's something even later down the road when you are eating more normally that you need to be aware of and monitor your protein intake.  Protein does play such an important role in our well being.  Your doctor will (or should) routinely monitor your protein levels to insure you are getting an adequate supply. Remember you need at least 60 grams of protein everyday!