Plastic Surgery after Gastric Bypass

Plastic Surgery after gastric bypass or any other weight loss procedure can be an important part of your total well being. Both physically and and emotionally!

Most of the time when a person looses a substantial amount of weight the skin is left sagging from their body. The excess fat is gone but the skin remains. The skin does not have enough elasticity in it to shrink back after loosing say 100 pounds or more. Because of this plastic surgery after gastric bypass  is often times a necessary part of your recovery.  This varies from one person to the next  and many factors need to be taken into account. Age is definitely one of those factors.  

It can be a horrifying experience for some people. Not only do you look awkward if you have a lot of excess skin but you also feel uncomfortable!  In some cases when there is a lot of skin, chaffing can occur and become quite painful.  Along with that comes the chance of infection from open wounds. When this is the case insurance usually pays for plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery after Gastric Bypass and other weight loss surgeries is in fact, most of the time, a personal choice.  Your decision whether or not to consider plastic surgery is based upon your own personal circumstances. 

Everyone is different. The amount of excess skin you have after your weight loss is complete will be your biggest consideration. Along with the insurance coverage you may have concerning plastic surgery after gastric bypass or other bariatric surgeries.  Most plastic surgery is considered cosmetic and therefore not generally covered by insurance. But each case is an individual case and should be discussed with an experienced , board certified plastic surgeon to completely understand your options. 

However as mentioned earlier the excess skin can cause extremely painful chaffing. In turn bleeding and infection can develop. In this case plastic surgery after gastric bypass is often covered by insurance.

Besides removing excess skin , lifting and contouring type procedures are often done as well. All in effort to get your new smaller body looking it's best !

If you have minimal excess skin  to deal with then perhaps plastic surgery after your gastric bypass may not be a consideration for you.   I personally was lucky enough to be one those people. I do have some excess skin and I'm not happy about it but it is something I have learned to live with. I am so happy about the new smaller size that I am and how great I feel that the sagging skin here and there are just not that big of a deal. 

I have some sagging skin on my thighs, my upper arms and my abdomen. It's not terrible. I wish I didn't have it but I can deal with it. My husband says it doesn't bother him but what's he gonna say?  LOL.


Because plastic surgery after my gastric bypass was not really an option for me I tried some other things to help minimize the appearance of my saggy skin.


                                                                                                                                                                                        I  exercise several times a week.  I enjoy walking especially in the fall. However I use a cardio twister exercise machine pretty much daily. It is very low impact and easy to use. I keep it in my family room (because it takes up very little space) and use it while watching television. I just exercise and don't even realize how much time I have spent. It's great!

I have done a little weight lifting and do some resistance exercises to build muscle in these saggy spots. I feel it's  helped.  I like the resistance bands because I find them easy to use and beneficial.

I also have always used Palmer's cocoa butter firming lotion. I used Palmer's cocoa  butter lotion when i was pregnant and got no stretch marks so I decided to use it when I was loosing weight to help keep skin moist and hopefully increase elasticity and firming.  I believe it has helped. The sagging skin is not too bad. All and all I can't complain I truly believe these little things have all played a roll in helping me look the best I can!

Because my excess skin is on my abdomen I either wear a piece bathing suit or a tankini type suit. 

I usually wear tops with sleeves to hide my sagging upper arms. However in the the summertime  when it gets real warm I do wear sleeveless tops sometimes, especially around the house. 

Same concept when I wear shorts. None too short. They don't have to be down to me knees but I won't wear any shorter then mid thigh.  Since I'm short it's not usually a problem finding shorts that are long enough. 

There you have it.   My secrets to NO plastic surgery after gastric bypass!    I know being able to have plastic surgery after gastric bypass or other weight loss surgeries isn't always an option so I hope those little personal things I do might help you with your saggy areas!!!  Best of luck.  I'm just thankful I no longer have to carry that extra weight with me every place I go. 

I as well as other viewers would like to see any before and after plastic surgery pictures you have and would be willing to share.

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