Is Gastric Bypass Surgery Right for You?

Before deciding if gastric bypass surgery is the right choice for you, you need to determine if you are ready to make the decision to have any bariatric weight loss surgery. Most people usually take several months to more than a year to decide. It is not a decision to be made lightly. All weight loss surgeries, including; gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, duodenal switch, and the lap band, have risks and can lead to complications. Sometimes serious complications can occur.

You will also be committing to a completely new lifestyle… You'll not only be completely changing your diet and eating habits but you will also be committing to a more active lifestyle. A lifestyle that needs to include regular exercise to be successful. A lifestyle change so dramatic that you usually have to undergo a psychiatric evaluation before it's determined if you are a good candidate for gastric bypass surgery.

On the following pages of this site I want to provide you with information on weight loss surgeries, including the pros and cons of gastric bypass vs lap band. I've included information on vitamins and supplements, protein requirements, before and after diet, co-morbidities, BMI(body mass index), and diabetes. As well as information concerning insurance requirements, and more.

I will also be sharing a lot of personal experience as I talk about my weight loss story with gastric bypass. How I came to make my ultimate decision. My life before and after gastric bypass surgery. Some of my favorite recipes. Where I had my surgery. Information about my surgeon. How much weight I've lost. My personal journey.... the when, the how and the why I am in the place I am today. Plus some things I've found that work for me to make the process go more smoothly. Information to help you make the right decision for you as you begin your weight loss journey.

Take your time and look over some of the facts and information on baratric weight loss surgeries I researched before making my decision. Then read about my personal weight loss journey. Its been 16 months since my roux en y gastric bypass and I want to share my experience with you. The ups and downs, the good and bad, the real life story of someone who is living the journey to a healthier, happier life.